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Young self-taught artist, student, bright light, a walking contradiction. New York City.

All I need for school, well not really #torturedarchitecturestudent #onemoreyear..well more like 6 or 8 getting that phD
Going to miss beach days with Amanda @hex_you
I’m a little obssessed with playing hide and seek (at Mount Vernon Manor, Virginia)
Trying to enjoy my last morning here before making a return to hell (at Mount Vernon Manor, Virginia)
What if I just post a sky pic a day
Haven’t posted enough sky pictures this summer, here’s one from this evening..I snapped it while taking a nap so no clue where it was or what time it was..still not home ): someone come be a human blanket (at I-95 around Washington DC)
Can everyone stop acting like Summer is ending :( (at Brooklyn Bridge Park Pebble Beach)
Most current work in progress (:
When someone literally steals your date, zis not cool. Beautiful day regardless @loveemely (at George Washington Bridge Park)

IMG_4440_A_900 (by Jonathan Duriaux)


IMG_4440_A_900 (by Jonathan Duriaux)

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“When I am with you, there is nowhere else I’d rather be. And I am a person who always wants to be somewhere else.”

—   David Levithan  (via bodv)

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→ LFW A/W 2013: Sabyasachi ; Favorite outfit. 

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“I am obsessed with the body. It wasn’t given to me; it was something I came with by being athletic and having a fascination with dress/costume as a way to mutate. I think about the relationship between the femaleness of my body and society’s perception and expectation with me. I get how the body can be dressed up or masked. One can masquerade, and the body is a structure, an infrastructure—kind of like a shell that can move around and create different reactions, for whatever reason, to empower yourself, or, as I said, to disappear or transform.”

—   Wangechi Mutu (via noten)

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